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Canterbury News

We are very excited to present our first installment in a series of many dinner shows. An Evening in Canterbury promises to delight audiences' palate and their other senses with a unique rendition of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales along with a full 7 course hand made meal authentic to the period!

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Current Shows

Our current show is An Evening in Canterbury, a unique dinner theater event based on four of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Originally "The Canterbury Tales" were written in the late 14th century in Middle English verse; we have translated it to English understandable today while retaining as much of the verse as possible. "The Canterbury Tales" follows the story of a group of pilgrims on the road to Canterbury to the shrine of St. Thomas Becket. Though we have made the tales milder to suit a wider audience "The Canterbury Tales" deals with a somewhat mature subject matter and parental guidance is strongly suggested.

Upcoming Shows

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